My Views on Privacy over the Internet

In recent times, there is a massive shift to people discussing privacy over the internet. And everyone (inlcuding businesses) wants to get their business done and achieve privacy as well.

I think achieving both is a bit challenging, and it is high time for things hurting user privacy gets reinvented with a clear focus on achieving privacy safe internet environment!

🤗 Why Care about privacy when it hurts businesses? because there are a lot of bad actors exploiting the vulnerability of pervasively tracking individuals (via a feature which was not intended for this use case; third-party-cookies)

🍪 Third party cookies are mostly used for Advertising purposes, and here I am scratching my head how Internet would look like with decentralized technology Blockchain when used for AdTech

<aside> 👉🏼 Ad Tech on Blockchain


Image Source: Unsplash

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